Jumat, 25 November 2011

Modifikasi Suzuki Satria 125cc Unik

A dazzling appearance of Suzuki in MotoGP racer, Lorris Capirosi, above Suzuki GSX-R Roni his attention. The man from Jakarta are attracted to death with a motor that motivated Rizla Suzuki's Team.
But that's normal. Unusually, Roni Racing brings some special parts used in the prestigious race for motor racing road race in Indonesia that supposedly he was imported from Japan import alias.
Has turned out to investigate investigate chanel Roni has to bring expensive items with cheap price. Did not want to linger long, his desire to change the engine innards were carried out. Roni to entrust the cultivation of the mechanic who did not want her name mentioned. "Later gwe kalo gw sebutin mechanical, motor ntar gw tau no secret that these machines," said the man race since the hobby in high school is.
So, the mechanic was not hard to adjust to the desire part-Roni with parts already available. Stay put, machine settings and the motor is ready to act on the road. "Eitsss, but remember bro, try not to have a wild race," Roni closed.

Suzuki Satria 125cc Detailed specifications:

Custom Body: N / A
Custom Duck Tail: N / A
Custom Rear Body: N / A
Body Paint: Candy Purple (Sikkens)
Custom Interior Paint: Candy Purple (Sikkens)
Custom Cutting Sticker & Stripping Varing: Rizla GP moto theme
Seat: Custom
Rear Hugger: N / A

Bore Up: Up to 180cc
Porting Polished: Available
CVT: N / A
Muffler: Custom
Air Filter: Kawahara
Coil: Spllitfire
Plugs: NGK Irridium
Cable Plugs: Splitfire
Camshaft: Kawahara
Carburator: Yoshimura
Filter Carburator: Yoshimura
Spuyer: Yoshimura
Piston: Kawahara
Roller: N / A
CVT Cover: N / A
Cover Belt: N / A

Front Wheel: 17 inch Enkei
Rear Wheel: 17 inch Enkei
Front Tromol: Custom
Rear Tromol: Custom
Front Tire: Bridgestone Batlax
Rear Tire: Bridgestone Batlax
Front Shockbreaker: TDR
Rear Shockbreaker: TDR
Rear Per: TDR
Brake Master: Custom
Disc Plate: Custom
Front SpackBoard:
Rear SpackBoard:

Brake Handle: Custom
Front Lamp: Original
Rear Lamp: Original
Hand Grip: Custom
Fuel Indicator: Custom
Rear Bracket:
Mirror: N / A
Front Carrier: N / A
Rear Carrier: N / A
Speedometer: N / A
Rubber Set: N / A
Horn: N / A
Mudflap: N / A
Flyscreen: N / A
Mudguard Chest (18-carat gold coated): N / A
Tachometer: N / A
Front Sein: N / A
Rear Sein: N / A
Side Sein: N / A

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