Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Spesifikasi dan Harga Kawasaki Edge baru, Penerus Motor Kawasaki Kaze

Kawasaki Edge baru
Kawasaki more serious work on the motor segment duck. Beginning next year, plans to launch Edge Kawasaki. This new variant has a specification that is said quite sophisticated and competitive prices.
Indeed there has been no official release of the Kawasaki about the specifications and price edge.
But, bocorannya, this motor has a capacity of 112 cc engine but gives a chance to fill the 110 cc class. While price range will be released in harga Rp 12-13 juta. Kawasaki is synonymous with motor sport. However, that does not mean they do not want to work on the duck market. The proof, Kawasaki feel confident with the presence of his new duck, which is the Edge Kawasaki Kaze successor.
This was said by the Marketing Department Head PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, Agus Santoso, on the sidelines of the inauguration Kawasaki dealership Fatmawati, South Jakarta, late last week.
Although, continued Agus, if done with the komeptitor comparison, Kawasaki was still in fourth place with other Japanese manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.
Therefore, although the new Edge launched next year, but the spirit of these had already been felt in the body of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, so they are optimistic that 2009 sales target this year would be achieved, namely as many as 60,000 units

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